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Lance Keimig

Partner, Instructor, National Parks at Night I teach night photography and light painting as a way to help people work toward their creative potential. Workshops, tours, books, online classes.

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Lance Keimig is a Vermont-based photographer who is best known for night photography made at the intersection of the natural and built environments. He is the author of two books, including Night Photography: Finding Your Way In The Dark, which has been translated into seven languages.

Lance is a partner at National Parks at Night, an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving dark skies and our national parks through photographic education. He has taught night photography for the past 23 years for the Houston Center for Photography, Maine Media Workshops, Rocky Mountain School of Photography, New England School of Photography, The Photographic Resource Center at Boston University and Atlas Obscura, and he leads workshops across the country as well as international photo tours around the world.

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An Abbreviated History of Night Photography (CC)

February 13, 2021, 08:15 PM
Lance Keimig

Fundamentals 5: How to Make an Image in Any Night Situation (sponsored by Irix) (CC)

February 14, 2021, 04:30 PM
Lance Keimig