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Steven Barnes Alex McGregor

How to Improve Dark-Sky Image Quality with MSM (sponsored by Move-Shoot-Move) (CC)

A Talk by Steven Barnes and Alex McGregor

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About this Talk

Alex McGregor and Steven Barnes will lead a discussion on creating nightscape images and time-lapse. They’ll talk about how adding a star tracker to your astro-landscape photography can greatly improve image and print quality. They’ll discuss the positive and negatives of using a tracker, as well as why they love working with the MSM rotator and why it has improved their shooting experiences and final products.

February 12, 2021, 09:30 PM

09:30 PM - 10:30 PM

About The Speakers

Steven Barnes

Steven Barnes

Ambassador, Nature Photographer, Move-Shoot-Move

Macro photographer. Astro photographer. Brand Ambassador for Move-Shoot-Move Star Tracker.

Alex McGregor

Alex McGregor

Ambassador, Photographer, Move-Shoot-Move

Ambassador for Move-Shoot-Move. Collaborating with Olympus. Admin for @nationalparkfans.