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Gary Bremen Tyler Nordgren Sherry Beltramini Pincus Sandra Ramos

Panel Discussion: How Photographers Can Give Back to the National Parks (CC)

A Talk by Gary Bremen , Sandra Ramos , Sherry Beltramini Pincus and Dr. Tyler Nordgren

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About this Talk

As photographers, we use the national parks as sources of inspiration and subject matter. Our charge in return is to help the parks, not because we "owe" it to them, but because we want and need to preserve America's most precious lands for the photographers and the generations that follow.

In this panel discussion, a park ranger, a parks activist, an artist, a longtime parks photographer and a Leave No Trace expert will explore ways that all of us can contribute to ensuring we're not the last ones who enjoy these special spaces.

February 12, 2021, 08:15 PM

08:15 PM - 09:15 PM

About The Speakers

Gary Bremen

Gary Bremen

Ranger, National Park Service

National park ranger, storyteller, travel nerd.

Sandra Ramos

Sandra Ramos

Seeker, Photographer, Roadtripper, National Park Patch Lady

Serial roadtripper. Coffee aficionado. Recovering politico. Hello Ranger ambassador. I brake for brown signs.

Sherry Beltramini Pincus

Sherry Beltramini Pincus

Photographer, Workshop Organizer, Sherry Beltramini Pincus LLC

30-plus years of backpacking and photographing while encouraging others to explore the backcountry.

Tyler Nordgren

Dr. Tyler Nordgren

Astrophysicist, Artist, Space Art Travel Bureau

Astronomer, artist, author, adventurer, advocate.