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Sherry Beltramini Pincus

Backpacking: the Key to Amazing Dark Skies and Unique Photo Opportunities (CC)

A Talk by Sherry Beltramini Pincus (Photographer, Workshop Organizer, Sherry Beltramini Pincus LLC)

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About this Talk

Consider getting off the beaten path to where few venture. Your rewards include more opportunities for unique content, plenty of time for scouting your composition, and already being in place for magic hour light and magnificent dark skies. (Frequent wildlife sightings are often an additional bonus.)

In this talk, Sherry Beltramini Pincus will focus on presenting different approaches to backcountry travel including:

• day hiking from established base camps

• hut to hut backpacking

• extended backpack

• off-trail backpacking

Sherry will also discuss backpacking equipment from the perspective of including camera gear with equipment required for safe remote travel. Dealing with choices due to weight restrictions and traveling safely with your camera gear will all be covered.

This talk will be an introduction for those unfamiliar with backpacking but will also be an opportunity for experienced backpackers to expand their approach. There is something for everyone who enjoys exploring and is willing to hike, as well as for armchair adventurers.

February 12, 2021, 09:30 PM

09:30 PM - 10:30 PM

About The Speakers

Sherry Beltramini Pincus

Sherry Beltramini Pincus

Photographer, Workshop Organizer, Sherry Beltramini Pincus LLC

30-plus years of backpacking and photographing while encouraging others to explore the backcountry.