Looking for the 2022 Summit?

Summit Giveaways

The Night Photo Summit sponsors and speakers thank you for attending! Below you can get a good look at all the giveaways from both. Enjoy browsing what lucky attendees brought home!

Moreover, many of the sponsors offered show specials on gear and services, including a whole bunch of discounts at B&H Photo. Attendees received their exclusive Show Specials guide at the beginning of the Summit.

Sponsor Giveaways

These giveaways from the Night Photo Summit sponsors were awarded via random drawings on February 14, 2021, during the Under the Stars closing party. All attendees were required to be present at the closing session to eligible to win. (Non-U.S. prize winners may have had to pay import duties on physical goods.)


The GXP Ball Head with Lever Clamp weighs only 1 pound, but can support up to 50. It has a friction control knob, and also functions also as a gimbal and leveling panorama head. More info.

Acratech gave away one (1) GXP Ball Head during the closing session of the summit.


As a cloud-based service, Creative Cloud gives you unrestricted access to all of the applications on a download basis and also includes mobile versions of select applications for use on mobile devices. More info.

Adobe gave away one (1) 1-year subscription to Creative Cloud during the closing session of the summit.

B&H Photo

With over 600,000 items to choose from, B&H Photo surely has something to make your photography life better. Get that special something with a $100 gift card. More Info.

B&H Photo gave away five (5) $100 gift cards during the closing session of the summit.

Bay Photo Labs

Bay Photo Lab's metal and acrylic prints offer a spectacular-looking alternative to more traditional print media, providing a final product so vivid that it practically leaps off the wall. More Info.

Bay Photo Lab gave away one (1) 24x36-inch metal print (winner's choice of finish and frame) and one (1) 24x36-inch acrylic print (winner's choice of thickness and backing) during the closing session of the summit.


The SW270C Photographer 27" 16:9 HDR IPS Monitor was built for those who require color accuracy, with support for 100 percent of the sRGB and Rec. 709 color gamuts, 99 percent of the Adobe RGB color gamut, 97 percent of the DCI-P3 and Display P3 color gamuts, and HDR10. More info.

BenQ gave away one (1) SW270c during the closing session of the summit.


Imagine carrying 64 paper travel guide books on your national parks trip! With Chimani, you don't have to. A subscription includes unlimited access to 64 national park travel guides, from Acadia to Zion. Info on photography, auto touring, hiking, parking, restrooms, maps and more, and it all works without a cell or web connection! And did we mention the $2,500 in discounts that come with it? More info.

Chimani gave away one (1) lifetime membership and four (4) 1-year subscriptions during the closing session of the summit.

Coast Portland

Store, protect and transport your valuable photo gear with the waterproof and dustproof Nanuk 945 case. Features a removable cubed foam insert and a foam piece for the inner lid. PowerClaw latches and holes for optional user-supplied padlocks provide secure closure. More info.

Coast Portland gave away one (1) Nanuk 945 case, plus three (3) $100 coupons for coastportland.com during the closing session of the Summit.


Offering a wide-angle perspective, and characterized by its premium exterior build, the 15mm f/2.4 Blackstone Lens from Irix is a sophisticated prime lens designed for Nikon, Canon and Pentax cameras. Minimal coma, focus markings in fluorescent UV paint, weather sealed. Amazing night feature: an hard-stop indent so you can feel when you're focused on infinity. More info.

Irix will gave one (1) 15mm f/2.4 Blackstone lens during the closing session of the Summit.


The Fiddle Pocket RGBAW LED and Magnetic Diffuser Hood Kit provides a compact lighting solution and a removable diffusion hood that can cast a soft, shadowless light on your subject. It can produce light with a color temperature of 2800 to 10,000 K, or any color in the RGB scale. More info.

Luxli will gave two (2) Fiddle LED panels during the closing session of the Summit.


Star Trackers have long been an enticing idea, allowing for long star-point exposures at low ISOs by moving the camera in sync with the stars. But star trackers were also bulky and complex to set up. No more! The Move-Shoot-Move Rotator is lightweight (1 pound), small (1.7 by 3.2 by 3.9 inches) and easy to get working. Use for single, low-ISO exposures or for time lapse. More info.

Move-Shoot-Move gave away one (1) Rotator kit and two (2) $100 gift cards during the closing session of the Summit.


The NiSi Natural Night Filter is designed to reduce the appearance of light pollution in images or video that include the night sky and illumination from artificial light sources. This effect can be obtained when this filter is used on a film camera system with daylight film installed, or on a digital camera system with its daylight white balance setting selected. More info.

NiSi will gave two (2) Natural Night Filters (winner's choice of 100mm or screw-in) during the closing session of the Summit.

Tether Tools

The Air Direct Wireless Tethering System is built around the on-camera AR7 that connects to your utility software to provide a virtual PTP connection to wirelessly control your camera, while transferring files to your software such as Capture One, Smart Shooter, Lightroom, DarkRoom, and many other tethering software programs. More info.

Tether Tools gave away one (1) Air Direct, one (1) ONsite 87w USB-C Battery Pack, one (1) Tablet Holder, and one (1) StrapMore during the closing session of the Summit.


Vallerret designs premium gloves customized to fit the needs of adventurous photographers in their battle against cold hands. They offer a full line of photography gloves sold and enjoyed worldwide by all types of photographers, from amateur landscape photographers to professional snowboard photographers and beyond. More info.

Vallerret will gave five (5) pairs of photography gloves (winner's choice of Ipsoot, Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP or Women’s Nordic) during the closing session of the Summit.


The X-Rite i1Display Pro is a calibration and profiling system for a display or projector. It helps to make sure that the colors on your display match those in your original picture or file, a critical requirement for any photographer who's serious about their final image. More info.

X-Rite will gave two (2) i1Display Pro colorimeters during the closing session of the Summit.

Speaker Giveaways

These giveaways from the Night Photo Summit speakers were awarded via random drawings at the end of each speaker's presentation. All attendees at the talk were eligible, and needed to be present to win.

Kevin Adams

• one (1) LensMuff

• one (1) GelGrip and Flash Pack combo

• one (1) LightClip

Forest Chaput de Saintonge

• one (1) $100 gift card for Rocky Mountain School of Photography

Jennifer Khordi

• one (1) 1-hour Zoom consultation with Jennifer

Lance Keimig

• five (5) copies of Lance's book Night Photography: Finding Your Way in the Dark

Erik Kuna

• one (1) KelbyOne one-year Pro Membership

Grant Livingston

• one (1) One Everglades CD

Nate Luebbe

• one (1) signed 11x17-inch print from the flight

Susan Magnano

• one (1) two-hour NYC Photo Walk OR one (1) one-on-one session from uNIGHTversity and Susan

David Marx

• three (3) annual memberships to Focusphotoschool.com

Harun Mehmedinovic

• one (1) Skyglow e-book

Dr. Tyler Nordgren

• five (5) autographed 12x18-inch “See the Milky Way” posters (winner's choice)

Troy Paiva

• five (5) signed copies of Troy's book Boneyard

Sherry Beltramini Pincus

• one (1) copy of Kev Reynolds' book The Tour du Mont Blanc

Rafael Pons

• three (3) PhotoPills app licenses

Sandra Ramos

• two (2) one-year memberships to Hello Ranger Community app

Rachel Jones Ross

• two (2) signed prints

Autumn Schrock

• one (1) 11"x17" limited edition metallic paper photo print of the aurora borealis from the film Light Side Up

Adam Woodworth

• one (1) Milky Way Master Class video

• one (1) paperback copy of Adam's book Night Sky Photography: From First Principles to Professional Results