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Art P. Suwansang

How the Right Calibrated Display can Elevate your Print and Digital Work (sponsored by BenQ) (CC)

A Talk by Art P. Suwansang (BenQ Ambassador, Photographer, Technologist, BenQ)

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About this Talk

As a photographer, you spend a lot of time in editing and post-production—on a display. So, a great display can be as crucial as the camera and lens that capture the image, especially for low-light night images. Given that the right display is the answer, you probably have some questions:

• What should I look for in a photographer’s display?

• What is a hardware-calibrated display? Do I need one or will a software-calibrated display work for my needs?

• Do I need to have multiple calibration settings (i.e., one for print and one for web) or is there a universal setting that will work for everything?

• And once I get the display, what is the best setting to calibrate the display for print and web use?

Find out the answers to these questions and more!

February 13, 2021, 08:15 PM

08:15 PM - 09:15 PM

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Art P. Suwansang

Art P. Suwansang

BenQ Ambassador, Photographer, Technologist, BenQ

BenQ Ambassador, X-Rite Coloratti, Adobe influencer. Photographer, Technologist.