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Lance Keimig

Fundamentals 5: How to Make an Image in Any Night Situation (sponsored by Irix) (CC)

A Talk by Lance Keimig (Partner, Instructor, National Parks at Night)

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About this Talk

Building on the basics of the previous four Fundamentals sessions, this talk from Lance Keimig introduces a systematic approach that enables you to make the best technical decisions about how to handle different lighting situations and environments.

Night photography is a broad genre that can be broken down into several specialized niches: Urban or artificial light night photography, astro-landscape photography, long exposure and star trail photography, and light painting and writing. Each of those specialties requires a different approach to make successful images, and different factors need to be considered in order to make the best decisions about equipment, exposure, weather conditions and more.

Lance will share his system of simple, straightforward steps to help you focus on what is important in each scenario. Different conditions require different tactics and require prioritizing different exposure variables to get the best results. A methodical process to the technical aspects of photography can free your mind to concentrate on creativity.

You’ll leave this seminar with the confidence to tackle night photography in just about any environment.

February 14, 2021, 04:30 PM

04:30 PM - 05:30 PM

About The Speakers

Lance Keimig

Lance Keimig

Partner, Instructor, National Parks at Night

I teach night photography and light painting as a way to help people work toward their creative potential. Workshops, tours, books, online classes.